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Hair Removal

What is IPL?

IPL is a third generation Intense Pulsed light system used for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne, thread veins and wrinkle reduction.


How does it work?

The visible light source used in this procedure is attracted to melanin, which is found in hair. Because there is more melanin found in darker hair the darker the hair is, the more effective the treatment. During the treatment a gel is applied to the skin to aid treatment. This helps to aid the light into the skin and protect the skin from burning. The applicator is pressed onto the skin and the light energy is absorbed into the hair, causing a heat reaction to destroy the follicle.













Frequently asked questions


Can everyone be treated?


Yes. However, clients with darker hair will find the treatment most effective due to the large concentration of melanin found in the hair, which will give optimal absorption of light energy and convert into heat.

Clients with fair hair will find the treatment less effective as there is little melanin found in the hair, therefore less heat is produced giving us less certainty of destruction of the hair follicle. The upper layer of skin also contains melanin and the concentration increases when the skin is exposed to UV light. Therefore it is important that people with tanned skin avoid treatment until their tan is faded as there is a risk of excessive heat generation.


Do I have to have a test patch?


Yes, test patching and consultation is mandatory by law. It gives us the chance to assess the skin (see how you skin reacts) and how easily the hair will be removed. One of the technicians will quote you a price and go through a consent form with you, then if all is good (no photo-sensitive conditions, immune system problems etc.) we will perform a test patch. This consists of about 3 IPL shots on an inconspicuous place in the area. We will then book you in for 2 weeks later to carry out a full treatment.


Does it hurt?


The treatment sensation varies from area to area and from client to client. As the light energy is absorbed by the melanin, the sensation that is felt depends on the amount of melanin found in the hairs. Therefore it is felt more in darker skinned/tanned individuals and those with dense black hair. Most clients describe the sensations as ‘a quick hot teaspoon on the skin’ which only lasts a short moment.


Do I need to shave before treatment?


We do require you to shave before treatment for the best results. Do not epilate, wax or pluck hairs before treatment as this pulls hair from the root. And as the IPL treatment targets root hair destruction, you will not get desired results.


How many treatments will I need for permanent hair reduction?


We recommend 6 treatments with 4 week intervals for optimal results.


What can I expect as far as results?

The number of hairs will become greatly reduced in the treatment area.

Hair will become finer in the treatment area.

Hair will become less pigmented in the treatment area.


I understand the process and want to come in for treatment.

If you’re ready for removal, just pop in to see us. We can get one of the technicians to talk to you, and book you in for a test patch/consultation. Or alternately call or message us to book a test patch/consultation. We hope to see you soon.

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